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15 North
Oak Hill Rd (1.4 mil70
Oak Hill Rd72
Oak Hill Rd (1 mile 75
Highway 395 (1 mile 75
Highway 39575
Joshua St75
Phelan Rd (0.8 miles74
Phelan Rd74
Phelan Rd (1.2 miles75
Bear Valley Rd (1.2 75
Bear Valley Rd74
Palmdale Rd (1.5 mil73
Palmdale Rd72
Roy Rogers Dr72
Mojave Dr73
D St73
Stoddard Wells Rd (S73
Stoddard Wells Rd (S73
Stoddard Wells Rd (N73
Stoddard Wells Rd (N74
Stoddard Wells Rd (N75
Boulder Rd (1.5 mile75
Boulder Rd75
Boulder Rd (1.4 mile75
Wild Wash Rd (1.4 mi75
Wild Wash Rd75
Wild Wash Rd (1.4 mi75
Hodge Rd (1.4 miles 75
Hodge Rd75
Hodge Rd (1.4 miles 75
Sidewinder Rd (2.9 m75
Sidewinder Rd (1.4 m75
Sidewinder Rd74
Lenwood Rd (1.5 mile73
Lenwood Rd73
Highway 5873
L St (0.8 miles befo72
L St52
Barstow Rd (0.9 mile32
Barstow Rd52
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