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91 West
Maple St / 6th St65 
Road construction. Two lanes closed - 9:32 PM
91 (SR-91 Riverside Fwy) West between 6th St/ Maple St and Green River Rd
Auto Center Dr / Ser65 
East of CA-71
71 North65 
Ramp From 7165 
Green River Rd65 
Green River Rd (1.2 67 
Gypsum Canyon Rd (1.69 
Gypsum Canyon Rd69 
241 South70 
Weir Canyon Rd (0.8 69 
Weir Canyon Rd68 
Weir Canyon Rd (1 mi65 
Imperial Hwy (1 mile65 
Imperial Hwy65 
Lakeview Ave65 
55 South65 
Tustin Ave66 
East of Glassell St
Kraemer Blvd / Glass68 
57 South69 
West of CA-57
State College Blvd66 
East St / Raymond Av67 
Lemon St68 
Harbor Blvd68 
Euclid St68 
Brookhurst St67 
At Gilbert St
Magnolia Ave66 
5 South65 
At Stanton Ave
Beach Blvd68 
Knott Ave68 
Valley View St6970
Orangethorpe Ave6870
Carmenita Ave6670
Bloomfield Ave6570
Norwalk Blvd6570
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