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5 South
Avenida Calafia70 
Cristianitos Rd72 
Basilone Rd73 
Basilone Rd (1.4 mil72 
Truck Scales (1.4 mi72 
Truck Scales72 
Truck Scales (1.3 mi72 
Las Flores (1.3 mile72 
Las Flores72 
Las Pulgas Rd72 
Aliso Creek Rest Are71 
Aliso Creek Rest Are71 
Aliso Creek Rest Are71 
Vandergrift Blvd (2.71 
Vandergrift Blvd (1.71 
Vandergrift Blvd49 
76 East37 
Mission Ave29 
Oceanside Blvd35 
Cassidy St35 
78 East33 
Las Flores Dr33 
Carlsbad Village Dr 33 
Tamarack Ave35 
Cannon Rd35 
Palomar Airport Rd34 
Poinsettia Ln50 
La Costa Ave34 
Leucadia Blvd39 
Encinitas Blvd41 
Santa Fe Dr56 
Birmingham Dr71 
Manchester Ave7054
Lomas Santa Fe Dr7059
Via De La Valle6463
Del Mar Heights Rd (7062
Del Mar Heights Rd7154
56 East7053
Carmel Valley Rd (1.6863
Split Onto 805 South59 
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