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74 (Ortega Hwy) East
Cambern Ave42
Conard Ave47
El Toro Cut Off Rd49
Rachel Way51
Country Dr53
Crumpton Rd55
Hammack Ave58
Peach St58
Greenwald Ave57
Maize Ave58
Kimes Ln60
Poor Boy Ln61
Richard St63
Robert St65
Ethanac Rd61
Pearls Path52
Margarth St48
Mapes Rd50
Marie St60
Mountain Ave58
Brooks Ln57
Edward St55
W Ellis Ave53
Dockery Ln50
W 7th St47
Indian Hills Cir43
Park Ave37
S B St31
S D St27
S F St22
I-215 North20
Bonnie Dr48
Trumble Rd49
Watson Rd50
Sherman Rd50
2nd St50
4th St50
Matthews Rd50
Palomar Rd45
Menifee Rd46
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